About Atelier DYML

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"An outstanding architecture design is an assimilation of its time, place, and people."

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Atelier DYML is a multidisciplinary and international architectural design workshop founded in 2015 in Shanghai, PRC. We are a group of passionate designers with unorthodox thinking relentlessly seeking unique design concepts and creative solutions.

Atelier DYML specializes in urban planning, architecture, and interior design of projects ranging from mixed use, retail, office, urban renewal, to educational and cultural buildings. We have the knowledge and experience to strive for economic and social viabilities in our design, especially in large scaled, complexed retail mixed use and urban renewal projects. 

We strongly believe that an outstanding architecture design is an assimilation of its time, place, and people. It is also an absolute reflection of the social context and way of life, in which the users could participate freely and in harmony. We pursue such great design with balance, practicality and control. 

Atelier DYML is built on an open culture welcoming talents and ideas. Our daily design routine involves brainstorming ideas, and utilizing hand sketches and models to turn ideas into design. We also specialized in using advanced parametric tools to enhance our design and we always seek out new ways to improve our design methods.

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Atelier DYML is founded by a team of designers with local and international background. Josh Goh, Hua Liang, He Ming Zhi, and Lu Meng have been working together long before they started their own design studio. They share years of experience and win accolades on many of their built projects. They are the core members of atelier DYML who lead the team in design exploration.

Josh Goh is the founding principal and creative lead of atelier DYML. He is a seasoned designer with more than 20 years of experience and has completed many projects globally. His projects have also won many international accolades in WAF, IPA, and MIPIM. He specializes in many building types of any scale and complexity, and has built his reputation particular in the retail and mixed use sectors. His works are specific as he strongly believes each design should reflect its own reason and identity. Over the years, he remains a passionate designer always seeking creative and innovative ideas.


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